An October Night at the Fair

2012-10-27 21.42.43-1

Last October my best friend Dragana and I went to the local fair. Recently I found some of the photos and I thought I’d share them with you because it was such a great night. We hadn’t spent one-on-one time in a while, and the fair seemed like a wonderful place to do it. So here’s to Dragana, and to best friends everywhere.

2012-10-27 20.37.58-12012-10-27 21.08.51-12012-10-27 20.13.04-12012-10-27 21.48.46-12012-10-27 20.41.57-12012-10-27 21.00.15-1We left the fair that night with two stuffed dogs that the carny we won them from named Sandy and Candy. We also won two goldfish, which we named Randy and Glandy (we decided to keep up the rhyme scheme). It was lovely night, and we’re going back again this October.

If you’ve never been to a fair, you’re missing out. Take your best friend. Win a stuffed animal, or maybe a goldfish. Hang out with the carnies. Get on the bumper cars. Don’t be afraid to be the oldest one there, because the kids will show you no mercy. Do what you want with a person you love. You’ll be happy you did.