On Netflix and the Unforeseen Problems of a Free DVD Trial

I debated for a while on what my first real post on this blog should be about, but I finally decided it was best to address something very near and dear to the hearts of millions of us: Netflix.

Netflix is awesome. The only people who don’t think Netflix is awesome are the people who haven’t tried Netflix. Yes, the price increase turned some people away. But money aside, my belief is the same. Netflix is awesome.

Ok, now that I’ve repeatedly said how awesome Netflix is, I’ll also say that subscribing to it has its downsides. I’ve started watching a show only to realize that five hours have passed and all I’ve eaten recently is an English muffin. I’ve turned down offers to go out in favor of sitting at home with a cup of tea and Iron Man, Thor and Captain America (although to be fair, I don’t know anyone that good-looking in real life anyway so it’s not really much of a sacrifice). But recently my problems became more severe.

Last month I got an email from Netflix offering me a free, one-month trial with a DVD plan. Free DVDs? I obviously signed up. The problem is that I only have so much time before those little, red envelopes stop coming to my mailbox.

I watch the DVDs as soon as I possibly can so that I can send them back as fast as I can. After all, I only have a month of this. I will not get sucked into paying for a DVD plan. I repeat, I will not get sucked into paying for a DVD plan. But trying to watch everything in my queue in a month is taking its toll.

Last week, for example, I had been sitting in my room working on a project when I remembered that Seven Psychopaths was sitting in my mailbox. I left my apartment to go grab it, but I hadn’t bothered with some of the things one normally considers before going outside, shoes, for example. But more importantly, pants.

So there I was running down the steps to the mailbox in my sweater and my underwear and nothing else. It didn’t really concern me that I was only half clothed. After all, I live in a college town. People start to stare when you’re not half clothed. What concerned me was the fact that it was 50 degrees outside.

Now some of you might be thinking that 50 degrees isn’t so cold, but I’m from Florida. Any weather below 60 is cold. And weather like that without pants is freezing. But rather than go back inside and put some pants on, I kept going. I was going to get that DVD, dammit.

When I got back inside I made myself a cup of tea, got under the covers, and popped Seven Psychopaths into my DVD player. And it felt awesome. But deep down I knew that I had a problem.

My free DVD trial is up in a couple weeks (I will not get sucked into paying for a DVD plan). I think then things will go back to normal, or at least as normal as they were when I could only stream movies.

But I think there’s something important to be taken away from this experience, and that’s that pants are way more important than people sometimes think. You don’t realize how good your legs have it until they’ve been exposed to slightly cold weather and the occasional gust of wind.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou is sitting in my mailbox, so I’m going to put some pants on and go get it. After all, my pants have been left behind one too many times. And besides, it’s not like I’m about to watch Thor.


Welcome to the Misadventure

Well, I’ve decided to start a new blog. It’ll be about me, so if you’re not all that into me you should probably stop reading. Or keep reading. You might find you like me after all.

Here I’ll be talking about personal stuff. My friends, roommates, classes, artistic endeavors, and of course my misadventures. Although I’ll probably talk about movies over here too, as well as books, television, and music. Food will most likely also be mentioned at some point. Really it’s going to be a surprise. So stick around. This stuff is exciting.

I hope you’ll follow along with me, and I hope you won’t be afraid to say hello. The Internet is an amazing place, and I’m always excited to meet new people. As long as you’re not a serial killer. Serial killers are not allowed here.

That’s it for now. I just wanted to say hello and welcome. And be prepared. Things around here are probably going to get weird.